The Age of Autonomous Trucks

S&OP and Crossing Horizons: The Age of Autonomous Trucks by Esteban García and Jonathan Sussman Electric cars are currently making headlines but Autonomous Trucks are about to change the supply chain landscape. With the development of autonomous technologies, logistics companies will have to adapt in order to survive the disruptive changes that autonomous vehicles [...]

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Investing in People through automation

Elevating S&OP: Investing in People through Automation by Esteban Garcia and Jonathan Sussman “Businesses all around the world strive to automate operations with hopes of saving money but automation isn’t always easy or cheap. Some tasks are ideal for automation and investing in making that happen is a no-brainer. This isn’t always the case [...]

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The S&OP Umbrella

The S&OP Umbrella by Richard Walker and Jonathan Sussman “On any given day, billions of people use products of the company to look good, feel good and get more out of life.”  As you can imagine, satisfying the daily demands of two billion people under hundreds of different brands requires a diverse, complex, and [...]

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Using Big Data to Combat Information Silos

Using Data Synergy to Combat Information Silos As an organization grows and roles become more specialized, it becomes increasingly difficult to grasp how other parts of the business work together. This leads to a decrease in cross-collaboration and an increase in isolation amongst different job functions.  Teams working in isolation strive to best optimize [...]

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