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SCS Analytics was started by supply chain and tech industry experts in response to a growing frustration at the lack of connectivity across business functions.  Our goal is to help companies bridge informational gaps and apply the latest in data science methodologies to deliver cutting edge insights not possible in traditional reporting environments. We excel at working within existing corporate infrastructure, delivering maximum value with minimal cost. Whether your challenges are rooted in existing software or requires custom development we are confident we can elevate your processes. 

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Process Elevating Technology

Allows us to empower your business leaders to make smarter decisions and to also avoid informational roadblocks.

We put the information you need at your fingertips.

Customized, Process Elevating Technology Solutions

Workflows of All Kinds – Progress shouldn’t be able to be halted by an errant email in someones inbox. We modernize existing workflows to allow for tractability and accountability.

Data Democratization – It can be surprising what people can accomplish given the right tools.  One of our core beliefs at SCS Analytics is making data appropriately accessible on an enterprise level.  Not only do we combine data into a single environment but we package data sets in convenient ways to allow users to easily develop their own insights.

Two-Way Reporting – The users of reports can enrich the data in a report dramatically if you give them a way to easily add that information. SCS has some unique tool kits that make enriching reporting data easy.

Supplier Inventory Management – One of our clients needed a way to help less sophisticated suppliers provide visibility into inventory levels. Systematic integration would have been impossible so we created a simple, automated way to capture and report on it.

Sales and Operations Planning – capturing and rendering S&OP data for our clients in a way that few other companies would ever consider, let alone build a solution around.

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