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Supplier Inventory Management

Managers may require a custom supply inventory management system to accomplish their goals. We are here to create solutions that meet the specific company needs, and generate tailored solutions. For instance, when a client needed a way to help less sophisticated suppliers provide visibility into inventory levels. Systematic integration would have been impossible so we created a simple, automated way to capture and report on it.

Sales and Operations Planning

We empower capturing and rendering S&OP data for our clients in a way that few other companies would ever consider.

Workflows of All Kinds

We do custom workflows at least once a month. Why? – “If I use the existing system, it’s like killing a fly with a bazooka”. We build out workflows unique functionality, tailored specifically to our clients’ needs. Pay for what you need, not what you don’t.

Two-Way Reporting

The users of reports can enrich the data in a report dramatically if you give them a way to easily add that information. SCS has some unique tool kits that make enriching reporting data easy.

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